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Trudi Music

multi.trudi boosts and favours contemporary noise music and other experimental styles.

We do concerts as well from time to time.

Here are some current recordings from multi.trudi:


Musik für Bankangestellte

(music for bankemployees) by Stefan Beck

CD, 1999, 5 Tracks, 60min

Musik fuer Bankangestellte Cover

Prelisten [MP3 20k stream] » Track 2, » Track 4, » Track 5

Electronic live noise music. Generally produced with two turntables, specially configured mixing console and some basic effects. During the whole process of creation no sampler, no computer, no MIDI was used. The final result was recored direct to tape. No further editing has been employed. Every track is unique, unrepeatable and uncorrectable.

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by Augst & Beck

EP, Vinyl, 1997, 2 Tracks (a+b), 9min + 16min

Sprech Einsatz Cover

Listen [RealAudio, 28.8] Side A

Vocal based live noise music.

Reconstruction of a nightly street-parade (similiar to Berlin Love Parade) interrupted and clubbed down by Frankfurt police in 1997.

Track A is a more soundscape like version.
Track B stresses also on voices but underlayed by a persistent distorted techno-beat.

The recording has been done in two layers, live vocals and live noise and original sounds from the street (police cars etc...). Afterwards they have been mixed together in the studio.
Website: Augst & Beck

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by Freundschaft

CD-R (single edition), 1998, 74min

Freundschaft Auto Compressed Cover

Listen [RealAudio, 28.8]

The best from Freundschaft, the hardcore industrial noise band from Frankfurt. Hardest of noise!
Very dense, compact and thrilling. Guaranteed to crash any speaker.
Notice: The content of each CD can vary due to the fact that they are single editions, each CD is individually burned.
Freundschaft archives every concert and session, so there is a large collection of Freundschaft sounds.

Freundschaft can be heard live every second sunday a month from 9 PM (local time) by RealAudio on RadioX

» Freundschaft Web-Site

EUR 20,- + Freight


More sounds of multi.trudi by Stefan Beck

CD, 2000, 9 Tracks, 73min

MOSOM cover

Prelisten: Track 2, Track 3, Track 4 , Track 6, Track 7

Noise music firmly grounded on identifiable beats. Recorded live direct to tape - without the use of samplers, computers or MIDI. No further editing applied.
Main material used in the process: commercial dance records as means of deconstruction of contemporary club music. The result is rather what has been made, but what has been listened to.

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