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Signs and Maps Tokyo 2003

Got lost? There are maps nearly everywhere. They guide you, follow you, haunt you. A real graphics' underground.

Everybody's lost in Tokyo. Everybody needs a map. Signs are everywhere. Take a step down, enter the orientation level. Find the right direction again.

Map, Kippu/Tickets

Kippu = Ticket


Map, Exit 3 Map Hirokoji station

I Take Exit (Deguchi) number three, climb the staircase to the surface and see what happens.

Ueno-Hirokoji Station, follow the orange strip for the next 20 days...

Map Shinjuku Map Shinjuku
Skycraper district Shinjuku. On the left side the double towers of the Tocho (town hall).
Shinjuku station. Map of one of the underground levels. Find Nishi-Shinjuku exit!
Map Akasaka Map Akasaka
You are here. Very helpful. At least I'm not somewhere else. How do I get away from 'here'?
Partly erased map. Go to Akasaka Nursery School and ask for the way...
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Interactive Tokyo Subway Map

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