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Roppongi Hills Tokyo 2003

Mori tower seen from Roppongi dori

Mori Tower, the landmark of Roppongi Hills, overlooking Metropolitan Expressway No. 3, Roppongi. [map]

Roppongi Hills, a 2.7 billion $ investment project by real estate tycoon Minoru Mori, is the latest "highlight" in Tokyo urban development. Nearly 28 acres of land, with offices, shopping malls and luxury living apartments, all topped by 54 floor Mori tower, which also houses the new Mori Art Museum on its 52 and 53 floors.

The idea is to shortcut commuting time by creating an integrated working-living ensemble which satisfies all needs of (wealthy) urbanites.

To demonstrate the wealth and power of the investor nifty art in the "public" space is heavily employed featuring more than a dozen japanese artists. Everything's so pretty and sweet....


main hall of Roppongi Hills subway connection on Hibiya line happy flowers installation by Takeshi Murakami
Conveyer bands shift visitors from the underground station through the main entrance hall to the compound.
Japanese superstar Takashi Murakami is the darling of Roppongi Hills, displaying his happy flowers and creatures all round the area. Other pict...
overview of Mohri garden, japanese style open air tv studio
Overlooking Mohri garden with highrises from Roppongi in the background.
Open air TV studio adjactend to TV Asahi, which is also situated on the grounds.
sunday afternoon mood in Roppongi Hills alien spider artwork by Louise Bourgeois
Sunny funny sunday afternoon mood with thousands of visitors strolling around.
One of the other artworks, alien space invader spider by Louise Bourgeois.

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