trudi gallery banner, pictures from old multi.trudi at Franziusstr. 20

1997 - 2001

East harbour

Eastharbor View
The area where multi.trudi main base was located between 1997 and 2001.

multitrudi view

This little cabin was mine for over four years.
In the background the storage highrise of a grain mill.

multitrudi ansicht
multitrudi vistors

Vistors gathered outside multi.trudi on warm summer evenings.
The sourounding though busy during the week is completely deserted on weekends. Few people live there.

multitrudi ansicht

vistor filling out a questionaire

Books and magazines are always at disposal according to nature of the event.
Visitors are asked to fill out questionaires very often.

multitrudi artworks
multitrudi food

Drinks and food (here Swedish smörrebröd) vary with the events.

multitrudi drinks
multitrudi installation

A "show" at multi.trudi is always a mixture of different pieces and materials, not necessarily art.
Here: Byra Espress

multitrudi installation

multitrudi visitors

The smallness of the place makes it easy for the visitors to get in contact and feel like a family.

multitrudi visitors

multi.trudi is more like a private home than a gallery. Most visitors become friends.

multitrudi visitors
multitrudi visitor

Gazing through books is a common activity. Visitors may sit in a corner and stay on their own.

multitrudi visitors
multitrudi view

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