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Soda machines Tokyo 2003

To busy to sit down for a drink? No problem, vending machines occupy every niche, the ideal street furniture. All variety of drinks available, hot or cold, in the same machine!

Some machines can even speak and say: Thankyou (Arigato gozaimasu)

On the right a typical machine.

Notice the cowgirl with the mustache? It's an ad for the company Boss, a vendor of caffeine drinks.

soda machine pepsi
soda machine and cigarettes (in Hikifune) soda machine kirin
From a whole battery of maschines in Hikifune. Drinks and cigarettes are often mixed.
The same, Kirin beer in different sizes and flavours. On the left: sake.
soda machine sapporo asahi in Nihontsusumi soda machine
Machines selling alocohol are a little bit rare. Often connected to a liquor shop. The right one sells sake.
There's a lot of choice. Especially coffee is offered in a variety of styles, not only milk and/or sugar. I still don't understand this cafe mania.
soda machine nescafe in Hikifune soda machines in Ryusen
What a mess! Should call this one Messcafe. A side street in Hikifune.
Even the entrance area of a condominium can be used to store vending machines. In Ryusem.
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