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Hikifune revisited Tokyo 2003

kyojima 3-44

Street coordinates: Kyojima 3-44.

I've been to this wonderful walking course through old town Hikifune organized by Keio university last year, but when I came back this time, everything was closed, no artworks, no artists around.

Still Hikifune is a very interesting area to visit. It very much lacks hectic and speed of inner Tokyo, yet is more lively and populated than Minami Senju.

[ Map ] of my walking course on Sun., Oct. 26.



udon cafe abroad playground + shrine

Udon Cafe "Abroad", closed.

Roadside shrine situated on a playground near Hikifune shopping street.

sheds in mukojima street style

Two sheds of no appearant use near Higashi Mukojima station.

A typical ensemble of a battery of soda machines with old type wooden houses in the background.

wooden house sento

Old style (machi-ya) japanese wood house in Kyojima.

District bath (sento) Hikifune Yu. A very traditional type.

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Hikifune walking course 2003 site + a Harvard Project

Hikifune is best reached from central Tokyo by subway Ginza line till Asakusa. Change here for Tobu Isesaki line. Hikifune is the second stop. See area map

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