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Internet Starter Kits Tokyo 2003

Bigglobe Kit

Bigglobe is for the girls, so nice, so cute, so easy. Each company tries to sell people its special flavour of internet, with communities, virtual shopping malls and webmail services. Understand: it's not simply internet, it's Bigglobe!

Internet access is a hard-fought market with half a dozen companies competing for the favour of the comsumers. Most of the telephone lines are still analogue, so ISDN seems to be a bargain too.

But with more and maybe the most people going mobile anyhow, wireless connections will dominate the market in the future. With i-mode by NTT DoCoMo Japan already employs an UMTS like system allowing customers to download streams and having video telephony.

These little bookletts containing CD-ROMs with access software, HOW TOs, games and music, are given away for free to the thousands at shops, supermarkets and train stations. For me they're like prayer books including all the necessary gospels for true information age. After a while you may forget them and pray on your own....

Flet's kit ODN ADSL Kit Wireless H Kit
Flet's, a service for ISDN and DSL by NTT (Nippon Telecom).
ODN is Open Data Network coming to you with Poh the bear!
Wireless services by DDIpocket.
wireless H booklett

Above a typical inlet (here Wireless-H) with CD-ROM and the basic HOW-TOs for connecting to the internet.
Below a screenshot from a CD-ROM by NTT DoCoMo structuring internet acess and services offered by the company like a computer game.

musea town screenshot
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