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Political Posters Tokyo 2003

fukaya takashi, LDP, says Come Together!

Ey, "come together!", look at the firm grip of his fist to get the meaning of this coming together. Can't wait for the first time...


There don't have to be necessarily elections (like end of October this year) to find political posters all around the walls of your living quarters.

They seem to be present all year round indeed, probably to remind people of the existence of policy and its impersonators in a world which seems to be dominated by shopping and consumerism.

To me they somehow look like ghosts or deities, and I wouldn't have been suprised to find candles and incense in front of their pictures.
Come together!


Fukaya poster in Nihontsuzumi Nakayama poster in Nihontsuzumi
This one around my hotel in Nihontsutsumi in 2001. Same guy still present two years later.
The street's empty, no one's around, but the holy Nakayama-san waits for you...
Fukuya + Nakayama poster Nakayama + Koizumi
Fukaya-san and Nakayama-san together within an improvised street shrine.
Nakayama and Koizumi, the prime minister, both Liberal Democratic Party, in 2003.
poster in Kita Senju politician poster in Kita Senju
Different area. Here a shopping street in Kita Senju.
Each area seems to have the right guy for this compound.
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