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Shinagawa Walking Course Tokyo 2003

Shinagawa station - highrises

Highrises behind Shinagawa station. Seems to be a very busy district.

Hara Art Museum

The entrance of Hara Art Museum. No pictures allowed inside.

(Wednesday, 29tht October) My art and onsen course. From Shinagawa station to Nishi Shinagawa Onsen.

Skip Shinagawa station. There's nothing to see but some big office and hotel buildings.

Enter an incredibly posh neighbourhood. Impressive japanese style villas behind high walls and modernist blocks with triple garages.

Hara Art Museum, the cult place of modern art in Tokyo, is located in this area. It was wealthy Hara family's home in former times. Bauhaus style within a japanese garden.

Exhibition inside a failure. Japanese foreign exchange program 10 yeary jubilee. Had a stylish cup of tea in the wonderful garden.

From that on a lot of difficulties. Had to cross Meguro river, Yamanote and Shinkasen tracks, nearly lost my way. Through a very dense neighbourhood into Nishi Shinagawa. Where is this damn 2-18-2? My map is too small. Finally success. Stood in front of a building which I decipher as "onsen".

The mens' bath is on the top floor. Brownish not too hot water. A nice outside tub where I could see the Shinkansens racing by while soaking in. What a view.

Yamanote line tracks

Crossing the Yamanote and Shinkansen line tracks near Meguro River.

Nishi Shinagawa Onsen

Nishi Shinagawa Onsen. Located inside a four storey concrete block. Not very romantic....
No pictures allowed in here, too.
Back with the Oimachi Line to Shinagawa.

Tokyo Shinagawa Area Map with Onsen 2003
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Trainstations of the Oimachi Line

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