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Streetmaps Tokyo 2003

With a complicated adress system and hardly no street names people need those small area maps which stick with any flyer, catalogue or magazine.

They provide a rough overview how to access the place, - mostly from the nearest train station.

I like them because of their simplicity yet precise condensed form of the necessary infos about urban environment. They sometimes look like kanji from the distance.

map near Shibuya
street map near Ueno station street map near Koenji
Examples here: a chain of real estate agents operating various offices. Ueno station this one.
Koenji station on Chuo LIne.
street map Nishi Azabu street map near Ueno station
These gallery in Nishi Azabu Gallery J2 near Ueno station
Hotel Claska Meguro Spiral Building map
Hotel Claska on Meguro dori, the place where Yogi and Andreas played.
Spiral building in Aoyama.
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If in doubt go for the next police station, called Koban.

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