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Tokyo Telephones 2003

Even with mobiles in abundance normal telephones can be found at any corner. There's hardly a single one, always two, three or more.

To me they are like animals, strange creatures, forming a community of well to known inhabitants of Tokyo underground. You will never have an excuse not to call.

Telephone booth
Art and its double?
Telephones on Ginza line Telephones in subway station

Ginza station, where I frequently changed between Hibiya and Ginza line..

Somewhere on Hibiya line, maybe Naka-Okachimachi.

Telephones in department store Telephones in train station

Inside the entrance of Takashimaya department store. They look as if if ready to jump away...

Here, Tamagawa station, Toyoko line. Grey models are ISDN.

Telephones in shinjuku underground passage Telephones nogizaka station

Shinjuku, San-Chome. Why is there one big and three smaller ones? Can you make a big call?

Nogizaka. The green ones are NTT, the two on the right side are KDD, a different operator.

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