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One of the great mysteries to me are still all these leaflets and booklets which advertise girls, obviously for all kinds of purposes. You'll find them in telephone booths around Shibuya station, but also all around Akihabara and other hot spots.

The demand must be big, but the world and services offered here seems to be out of limits for non-japanese. Well, foreigners are said to go to certain clubs and bars in Roppongi, but I haven't been there.

Nethertheless I like the graphics of these ads and collect them whenever possible. It's this bold and loud style which resembles all these flashy neon signs near Shibuya and Shinjuku station. It's the message in its shortest and most direct form. They really shout!

What are you looking for?...
Girls ad underwear school girl 090-9920-4908
Who are these girls? Where do they come from? Are they part time workers or professionals?
School girls in their uniforms seem to be the big obsession. There's hardly a flyer without this type.
Girls ad very busty Girls ad VIP
A big contrast on one page. Left: three girls like on holiday or for shopping, right the bikini girl selling her tits.
All major credit cards accepted. What a relief! The pictures above are taken from a booklet with 16 full colored pages.
Girls sticker 090-8118-4165Girls sticker 090-1785-9672Girls sticker 090-4175-5414
Here's Eva waiting for an Adam. The three above are small stickers posted on walls or lampposts.
While the majority is 4 color print, there're still some cosy ones painted or written by hand.
More info:

Western girls having worked as hostesses in Tokyo bars and clubs had some insight into the business and published their experiences. Here are some links:

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Book: Nightwork in a Tokyo Hostess Club

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The dark side of Tokyo's hostess bars

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