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Tokyo Public Toilets 2003

A microarchitecture in its own right. To be found round all public parks or playgrounds. All styles can be found, from simple prefabricated shed to some postmodern constructions.

Are there any architects famous for their toilet houses?

Pay a visit to Kinuta (Setagaya) or Ueno Park for an overview of samples.

Toilet house in Kinuta Park
Toilet house in Mukojima 0 Toilet house in Mukojima
Playgound in Higashi Mokujima. Futuristic concrete structure. A lightweight shed on a playground in Higashi Mukojima.
Toilet house in Hikifune Toilet house in Nishi Shinagawa
Concrete with patterned tiles on the surface. Playground in Kyojima. Nishi Shinagawa. Looks a little bit like a chapel. Come in for a short prayer....
Toilet house in Ueno park Toilet house in Ueno park
Ueno Park, which arrays lots of houses. This one looks a little bit like a hangar for small planes.
A standard (postmodern?) design found very often in other places. Here: Ueno Park.
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