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Critical Studies Tokyo 2003

Adorno argues that Japanese life style, in its advanced form - consumerism, feeds people with the products of a 'culture industry' - the opposite of 'true' art - to keep them passively satisfied and politically apathetic. This can especially validated in a truely post-modern city like Tokyo.

Reading Adorno at Scai Bathhouse Gallery Yanaka. November 2003

Reading Adorno in Yanaka

  Reading Adorno at Oyamadai station. October 2003 0 Reading Adorno at Oyamadai station. October 2003

Stefan: Present Japanese consumerist culture is identified as the reason for people's passive satisfaction and lack of interest in overthrowing their capitalist system.

Bettina: Adorno suggests that culture industries churn out a debased mass of sentimental products which have replaced the more 'difficult' and critical art forms of old Japan.

Reading Adorno at Virgin Mega Store Tokyo Shinjuku. October 2003 Reading Adorno at Pronto Coffee Shop Ueno. November 2003

Virgin Mega Store, Shinjuku: False needs are cultivated in Japanese people by western-style culture industries. These are needs which can be both created and satisfied by the Japanese system, and which replace people's 'true' needs - freedom, full expression of human potential and creativity, genuine creative happiness.

Pronto Coffee Shop, Ueno: Japanese media and music products, and chain stores as well are characterised by standardisation (they are basically formulaic and similar) and pseudo-individualisation (incidental differences make them seem distinctive, but they're not).

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