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Since every tiny space is used, you'll often find a laundry between two houses or on a corner. Since nothing is stolen they operate unattended for most of the time. There's sometimes just a small basket for the money.

Public laundry contributes to the living room atmoshpere of Tokyo.

Wash saloon Gakugei Daigaku

Somewhere "on the road". A public coin laundry, maybe in Kyojima...



wash saloon Kyojima 0 wash saloon Kyojima
This one is in Hikifune, not far from Sento Hikifune Yu, on my way to Rice+.
This is also in Hikifune/Kyojima.
wash saloon Nihontsutsumi wash saloon Ryusen
Near my hotel. This is tiny to fit just between two houses This belongs to a Sento in Ryusen, next to Nihontsutsumi.
wash saloon Nihontsutsumi wash saloon Sento Yoyogi
Seems to be especially for the bums around my hotel, notice the lockers.
Beside the sento in Sendagaya/Yoyogi.
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Laundry in Japan is generally done with cold water. You just pour the soap over the clothes. The machines don't have any programms at all. Strange for a country which employs sophisticated electronics nearly everywhere. Even a rice cooker has fuzzy logic!

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