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Was Besucher und Kritiker über den Kunstraum multi.trudi sagen.

multitrudi ham cheese sandwich performance

multi.trudi in 2005 - Schinken Käse Toast


lieber Stefan,

gestern abend lief ich so durch meine wohnung und dachte ueber dies und jenes nach - unter anderem ueber das problem der lebenswelt (husserl, vgl. heideggersches geworfensein) - ein aspekt davon ist, dass wissenschaft und kunst sich zu weit entfernt haben von dem, was das 'wirkliche leben' ausmacht, die eigentlichen Lebensprobleme ('fressen, ficken, fernsehen').

ich finde, dass du dem mit trudi.sozial gewitzt und gut begegnest, ganz im sinne des postpositivismus (siehe auch wittgensteins letzte saetze im tractatus - alle logischen probleme geloest, aber die eigentlichen probleme des lebens noch nicht einmal beruehrt).

daher: lob an dich!

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Clémentine Deliss for EYESTORM, London (2000)

There exists a miniature night-work station in Frankfurt: the "multi.trudi".

Stefan Beck, art critic and curator, has taken over a factory guard's hut on the east bank of the Main. It's not far out of town (Frankfurt is small), but hard to get to.

multitrudi with visitors gatherin outside on a hot spring evening In this rectangular hut measuring no more than 9 sq.meters Beck runs a mini-bar and exhibits the ephemera of his latest visits abroad. There was a Swedish night during which he provided salty biscuits with Abba spreads and electronic music from Sweden's greatest sound-text composers (e.g. Lars Gunnar-Bodin).

Yesterday was Japanese. If more than ten people come, the place is packed. Neither home nor really a bar, the multi.trude can quickly develop into a stage. I've always enjoyed animating semi-intimate discussions between the punters, breaking the ice by using the room, the telephone with no line out, the weighing machine intended to guage lorries, whatever theatre of dialogue is possible.

Beck runs a radio station from time to time.

He also wrote about art and violence in the latest Metronome.

It would be great to transport the multi.trude to London, but would this transfer work? It's like a tardis and no bigger than a taxi driver's hut. Or maybe that is the solution: to rent the cafeterias for taxi drivers that stand in the middle of London's streets and get Beck to animate them?

Clémentine Deliss had been guest professor at local artschool Staedelschule between 1999 and 2000. She met Stefan Beck at club 'Kleiner Salon' and became a frequent visitor at his multi.trudi space.


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