zweiter wettbewerb für laptop musik multi.trudi Frankfurt am Main 2002
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Second contest for laptop music is over!

Stefan Beck congratulates Bernhard Schreiner

Stefan Beck congratulates Bernhard Schreiner, the winner of the second multi.trudi contest for laptop music

Laptop sample

The second multi.trudi contest for laptop-music has happened on Sept. 13th at Goldfinger Bar, Frankfurt/Main.
After a very fierce competition between six artists, three laptops versus three gameboys, the audience favoured Mr. Bernhard Schreiner from Frankfurt/Main with his very noisy style as the winner of the second contest.

Mr. Schreiner was able to gain advantage of only 0.3 points over his next competitor, Elektrosoph, who also could gain a lot of votes on his performance.

Honourable mention also to Mr. Oliver Martinovic who finished third with his gameboy.

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