spielhölle ein laptop event in der goldfinger bar frankfurt
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  Spielplatz Goldfinger Bar, Münchener Str. 9, Frankfurt

Spielhölle, 23.5. 2002

Laptop action
Dense pack. Computer simulation anticipating the setup at Goldfinger Bar.

An evening event with seven simultaneous laptop players featuring multi.trudi laptop stars:

- Gregor Knüppel
- Transporter
- Oliver Martinovic
- Suspicion Breeds Confidence
- mcsc.eltcs.
- Matze Schmidt
- Susi Meyer


laptop setup laptop setup
The setup, one of the circular former tabledance tables, filled with equipment. Tobias Schmitt, center, is in charge of the sound.
laptop setup laptop setup
Latop conference. Who's playing what and to whom? Where's the sound coming from? Seven laptops, everybody's using a different program.
Matze Schmidt Oliver Martinovic
Can laptops speak? Matze Schmidt tries to find out... Gameboy wizard Oliver Martinovic

Laptop sound

Spielhölle Disk I Track 6 - 14 min [mp3 20kb]
Spielhölle Disk I Track 7 - 07 min [mp3 20kb]
Spielhölle Disk I Track 8 - 07 min [mp3 20kb]

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