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Tokyo Walking course 03: Ikegami

Ikegami area Tokyo with Honmonji temple

 Ikegami, in the south of Tokyo, a lovely suburb, home to the famous Honmonji temple.

I have been to Ikegami, located in southern Tokyo (Ota Ku), on the occaison of Oeshiki the annual big celebration of the Nichiren sect at their main temple Honmonji on October 12th. I've also been to an onsen in this area.

How to get there: on Yamanote line go for Gotanda, change here to Tokyu Ikegami line. Ikegami is station twelve from there.

Ikegami street Ikegami station

I love the quite and qualm atmsophere of Tokyo suburbs. You'll even find fruit and vegetable shops there.....

Some people already practice for the Oeshiki procession in front of the station.
street stall Ikegami street
The road towars the Honmonji temple is lined with colorfull street stalls selling food (yakitori for example) and sweets. The street was quite crowded, even in the afternoon.
Honmonji temple Honmonji temple bell tower
The Honmonji main hall, situated on top of a hill. Like most of its kind, it's a reconstruction of some earlier design. The bell tower of Honmonji in dusk.
Ikegami canal
A view from the steps of Honmonji overlooking the Ikegami ara. A small canal crossing the road towards the temple.

Video Honmonji Short [MPEG | RealVideo]

Honmonji Website

Trainstations of the Ikegami Line

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