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Tokyo Walking course 04: Tamagawa

Tamagawa near Denenchofu

Denenchofu, a rich neighborhood in the south of Tokyo, in the vicinity of Kawasaki.

A sunny Saturday afternoon brought the opportunity to have a picknick with friends at the banks of the Tamagawa, which seperates Tokyo from Kawasaki in the south.

friends me, center, friends

Atsuko and Daniel. In the background the bridge of the Shinkansen Honsen, the Tokkaido line for Kyoto and Osaka.

Alexa, me, and Atsuko.

river and bridge river and bridge

Overlooking the Tama river. The train is from the Tokyu Toyoko line, connecting Tokyo and Yokohama.

Maruko bridge

temple temple

Shinto shrine I

Shinto shrine II

homeless' place homeless' place

Homeless' settlement, featured also in Atelier Bow Wow's Made in Tokyo, because this place is directly built over a railway which passes underneath.

Homeless' settlement. Notice the red object in front: here you can look up latest requiries for living space.

VideoTamagawa Part 1 [MPEG | RealVideo]

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