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Turntablism at Uplink Factory (15.11. 2002)

Uplink Factory in Tokyo, Shibuya, is one of the top places for electronic music. It's indeed far more, they have lectures, independent film and even their own DVD outlet.

So I was very surprised that they welcomed my proposal for a turntablism performance.

The evening was soley dedicated to noise turntablism, which made me quite proud, for this is not a too recognized genre.

We had from Japan 'sukora' and 'KIKI MUZIEK', - and from Australia the female noise duo 'kunt', who gave a stunning noise performance, though not mainly by turntables.

For a first impression of the performance, here's a video [ RealVideo | MPG]

And here's the sound only (MP3 from video)

The evening was, as I think, co-organized by Mr. Koji Tano, a guy who runs a remarkable noise music shop in Sendagaya. See more of the shop.

Uplink Factory is not very big. I've been warned before. I'd say 80 people maximum. So they have a very tight schedule with sometimes two events on the same day.

Here's a page from the Uplink magazine showing my picture for the event of which I'm very proud.

Stefan Beck scratching the records at UPLINK factory Tokyo

Start carefully by placing the needles onto the surface of the records. Begin with some gentle scratching...

scratch beck at UPLINK factory<

After a while you may push the cartridge with a little bit more force, keep an eye on the effects as well....

scratch beck at UPLINK factory

Go wild by adding more feedback, use additional sound sources and flip the records back and forth.....

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