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Mini architecture :: Tokyo 2003

Not only that space is precious to fill and use every angle, it's the general living-room atmosphere of Tokyo which stimulates mini- and small-scale architecture. People spend long hours away from home, so there're tiny outlets employed to serve drinks and food.

Sit down, but do not lay down.....

A table and five chairs. Near Harajuku.



street stall closed also near Nippori station street stall also near Nippori station

Street stall not in operation. Near Nippori station. Bicycle and boxes biside it may belong to the owner.

Just a few meters away, also Nippori station. I have to decipher what's sold here.

street stall with tako for sale in Gakugei Daigaku street stall Ueno station

A small shelter offering grilled Octupus (Tako) on the shopping street of Gakugei Daigaku.

Ueno station. This one appeared out of nowwhere. I pressed the button...

Guard house sony company in Shinagawa Guard house tv asahi in Azabu

A guard house on a Sony compound in Nishi Shinagawa.

On the entrance of TV Asahi, Roppongi Hills. A futuristic construction. I'd like to have this one.

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