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Rice Plus & Fly Cafe Tokyo 2003

situation at riceplus

Sunday afternoon with director Emiko Kato, guest artist Noemi, a student, and Mr. Takaaki Soga, director of another local gallery.

videopresentation of flycafe

Videopresentation of "Fly Cafe" at Rice plus, on Sat., Nov. 1st.

On my search for alternative art spaces in Tokyo I came across Rice+, a private organization based in Hikifune, which features a gallery space in an old rice shop and an artist in residence program for foreign arists.

I was happy to present them my material of artist spaces in Frankfurt and to learn of art activities in their neighbourhood.

The next saturday there was a presentation of artist Tanishi K, "Fly Cafe" [flyer], a very funny exhibition prentending the existence of a fake Kyojima airport and a video by Tanishi K, showing her dressed as a fly attendand of Kyojima Airlines serving drinks to customers of the Tokyo subway.

The following pictures show excerpts from her video:

Selling drinks to subway customers 0 Milk or sugar?
"Anything to drink, madam?...." "Kyojima airlines is happy to serve you on our ride to Ginza...." People are unsure about the nature of the service offered to them. Some them giggle or laugh.
Questioned by the conductor Follow him to his office
The inevitable: she is pulled out of the train and questioned by one of the subway conductors. She has to follow the conductor with her tray to the authorities' office.
at the subway office a light meal by Kyojima airlines
At the office. She probably has to fill out a form and apologize for her misconduct. They maybe will tell her parents.... The evening was concluded by a light meal served to me by Kyojima Airlines. Thank you for the flight.
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