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Tokyo Walking Course 02: Setagaya

Setagaya area Tokyo with Kinuta Park
Setagaya in the southwest of Tokyo, home to the typical white collar workers.

My idea of a good walking course was to finish its course with a visit to an Onsen (Hot Spring) of which are several even in Tokyo.

By choosing Soshigaya Okura Onsen I was able to pass by Setagaya Art Museum and its park, the only major green in southwestern Tokyo.  

Yoga skyscraper Yoga station
II took the Denentoshi line from Shibuya to get off at Yoga. To my surprise a complete new center erected above the station marked by a skyscraper. The entrance of the subway: a sort of amphetrium.
old yoga yoga houses
Old Yoga adjactend to the station building. A typical scene. Old and new mixes in a chaotic way.
car share play ground
How to get away with the car? Some sort of stealth technique or a huge condom? Playground beneath an expressway. Space is precious in Tokyo. Social life has to cope with what's left to it. Could be a parking lot as well.
setagaya art museum museum sign
Setagaya art museum. A quite new and modern complex housing 20th century japanese art. Not really my style..... Bijutsukan = museum.
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Weitere Themen und Angebote: Kleinstobjekte von Muji und Tokyo Hands (Handschuhe, Süßigkeiten etc) Musik vom Tokyoter Label Cha-Bashira Micro-Architecture, Petarchitecture, Obdachlosensiedlungen

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