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Realtokyo: Selected Tokyo walking courses from 2001

No space, no green, too many cars. Tokyo's hardly the place for hiking. Yet I made some interesting discoveries by taking improbable starting points and routes.

Tokyo is far more than the Yamanote line circle with its satellite cities (Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno etc) attached to it.

Endless suburbs sprawl beyond the inner circle forming communities on their own, whose inhabitants seldom come to downtown Tokyo. I got a brief impression of this on my first journey in 1995 by paying a visit to Shop33 in Kichijoji, about 8 stops from Shinjuku.

This time I've been more in the southwest of Tokyo, taking trains of the private Ikegami, Denentoshi and Odakyu lines.

Documented so far:

Along the Sumida to Asakusa

From Yoga to Soshigaya

Around Ikegami


See map for overview of Tokyo 2001


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I love Tokyo

TV Screen from an ad promoting Tokyo among foreigners living there. Cool!

Tokyo Cam

I arrived on 10-10-2001. It was raining cats and dogs. Here's a webcam view from my app. time of arrival, 12PM.

Tokyo View

Toyko seen from the train. Here Chuo line approaching Shinjuku. Sometimes the view is obscured by a bypassing train.

Music and video from the Transfer Temple:


Weitere Themen und Angebote:

Kleinstobjekte von Muji und Tokyo Hands (Handschuhe, Süßigkeiten etc) Musik vom Tokyoter Label Cha-BashiraMicro-Architecture, Pet Architecture, Obdachlosensiedlungen

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