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Paper Towels Tokyo 2003

No1 towel
What am I sold here? "Grand Gaia"? Mother Earth.... Karaoke or Pachinko?
towel vendor
One of the frequent vendors, here next to Kita Senju station.

Paper towels enclosed in a small bag together with advertising are a very popular means of getting people's attention.

Distributors for these free gifts show up at every populous spot, in front of train stations, department stores, shopping streets, sometimes there are up to six of them around one single place.
Topics placed on the ads reach from karaoke, pachinko, real estate to restaurants and other business proposals, but even dentists and pet clinques are hard to avoid.

I think the pieces are very popular, for there's no paper on public restrooms, - and in hot and humid summer people can dab the sweat from their faces.

Graphics are always gay and straightforward.


La Vogue real estate business english
Real estate. 250.000 $ for a flat near Omote Sando is not too expensive.
Business english by Etowm in Akihabara. 30min conversation is 300 Yen.
pachinko aiful flowers
San Torope (St. Tropez) pachinko in... (I have to find out) Aiful, financial services and real estate. 1,573 branches froughout Japan.
versace telephone club criminal
My absolute favourite: Abnormal Telephone Club! What the hell is this? And why Versace????
Even police makes use out of the towels to look for criminals. The guy above prob robbed a shop.

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