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Tokyo Troubles?

 Not in Japan, says Mr. Ito
Tokyo troubles? Matched against an orientation board in the vicinity of Mori Arts Center

Researching cultural entities in a foreign city can be supported by the use of Adorno's writings.

Tokyo troubles in the 52nd floor ot Mori Building Roppongi Hills

Adorno tells me to seek a high level for investigations. I choose 52nd floor of Mori Tower.

Adorno on Youtube

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Tokyo 2003 (22.10. - 04.11. 2003)

Tokyo, very lazy town. Tokyo young people, sad generation (says Mr. Ito).
Modernism? Not in Japan (says Mr. Ito). Post-Modernism? Not in Japan (says Mr. Ito). Structuralism? Not in Japan (says Mr. Ito).

I think we're on the right track here.

On the list and upcoming:

Mori Art Museum is secure for earthquakes - otherwise go to Ueno park Mori Art Museum, @ The sun may shine on Roppongi Hills all time long Roppongi Hills, :::°... Hikifune revisited ° ° °, living space, < quiet quiet that's what onkyo ha is like silence OFF SITE low noise concert, ß ¿ & talk to the girls..., $ € | # ONKYO HA, 0 a visit to Rice+, and Kyojima Airport ™™, 0 urban signals, © / / shinagawa art & onsen ) `´ telephone booths, -^- sento style, sentaku shimasho lets do laundry washing center, 0 onsen course, ¿ 0 convenience stores, 0 vending machines, tokyo toilet style is very unique toilet houses, 0mini-architecture ®, kanji grids, # # # 0 ¼ street maps, Ý ‰ -- ¥ Þ kita senju walking course..‡. internet starter kits = ~ paper towels ~) ) political posters <.´´ > subway postersbad english =&<<<<<<>>> map <<<<<<

Feminism? Failed in Japan
(says Terre Thaemlitz).

Feminism? We have to bring up our teaching method up to data. Lets do it.

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